“A good dog is one that makes its owner happy.”

“I’ve trained so long I know what a dog is going to do before it does, and I never give a command I can’t enforce.”

-Jeff Branco 

In just a matter of weeks Jeff can take your off the wall dog and turn it in to an obedient pet.

A typical training session lasts 3 to 4 weeks depending on the dog

What will it cost?

  • $75/day or $525/week – Boot Camp (consists of walking calmly on a lead, sit, stay, down and come.The dog will be kept on grounds in one of our 6 climate controlled kennels. Also includes 2 private one on one lessons)
  • $90/lesson (1.5-2 hours) – Private one on one lesson (Can consist of behavior modification, and puppy management)

-Training can also be tailored to a dog’s specific bad habit if requested.

For more specific information or answers to specific questions, please feel free to contact Jeff.

Why trust Jeff?

  • He has been training different dogs with different personalities for over 50 years.
  • In the past 17 years, our kennel has won over 200 AKC competitions requiring advanced obedience skills and good interaction with other dogs and people.
  • Over these years of training and competition, Jeff has developed and adapted methods to maximize their effectiveness for a wide range of dogs and needs.

Contact Jeff  for an evaluation of your dog. Whether you want the standard “sit, stay, come, lay down and heel” training program or something tailored to your needs, you will find that a dog that listens to YOU makes both your pet’s life and yours much more enjoyable.