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Below are letters written to Cedarshire Dog Camp from owners who have sent their dogs through training. Please click on a testimonial to read it.


Pat Alfonso and Tory


2. A year ago I bought Kane in a pet shop. He was a 3-month-old puppy, an Australian Cattle Dog with beautiful red and silver fur. At first I let him roam my enclosed kitchen when I went to work. As the months went by, he jumped the fence and created a huge mess in the house. I started crating Kane, as my friend recommended, keeping him in an enclosure for brief periods of time to housebreak him and give him a sense of security.

When Kane turned 6 months he became aggressive. He growled at other dogs and bared his teeth. He flattened puppies under his heavy paws. He chased cars, children and cyclists, clamped down on their ankles and knocked them over. He even bit my daughter in a scuffle over my bed. I fled when other dogs approached. He barked furiously, drowning out my attempt to apologize to the other dog’s owner. If I was distracted and we crossed paths with another dog, I had to hold him by his collar until the other dog was out of sight. I hated being the owner of a bad dog. I felt ashamed turning away someone whose dog wanted to play and telling a schoolchild she couldn’t pet Kane. I lived in constant fear of him attacking someone. When I tired of apologizing for him, I hired a trainer, Jeffrey Branco.

Jeff came highly recommended by my co-worker who’s a Police Officer that had his German Shepard trained. So, I gave Jeff a call and explained my situation. He told me his aggression was set off by his Alphaness. He had no respect for people, in his mind he was the master. As soon as Jeff had an open kennel, I dropped Kane off. I couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Jeff had a rough first week with Kane. Kane wouldn’t listen to any command. Jeff still worked with him patiently. By the third week, Kane was at his best. Kane was listening to every command without hesitation. At the end of the fourth week, Kane could lead a blind person through traffic without an incident.

I was really excited and scared when it was time for me to pick Kane up. I didn’t know what to expect. As I drove up to the kennel, Kane didn’t jump, bark or wag his tail he just stared at me. He waited patiently while Jeff and I talked about his progress. I was in amazement on how quiet and respectful he was acting. Jeff showed me the commands he was working on with Kane. As I walked Kane, he was so focused and attentive to me. He didn’t pull on the leash, he walked right beside me, turned left or right as I turned and sat down when I came to a full stop. I didn’t have to tell him anything. I left Jeff’s place speechless.

It’s been three months after his training and Kane is great. Kane’s a different dog. I can actually take him on long walks now and don’t have to worry about him attacking or running after cars and cyclists. We all live peacefully in the house, all thanks to Jeff.

Valerie Lopez


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